• The adult version of the game of tiddlywinks started in January 1955.
  • The English Tiddlywinks Association (ETwA) was set up in 1958.
  • ETwA's objectives are to promote the game and coordinate winking activities in England and the rest of the United Kingdom.
  • To this end, ETwA:
    • maintains the official rules of tiddlywinks;
    • arranges tiddlywinks tournaments;
    • publishes the journal Winking World;
    • keeps winks players in touch with what's going on.

Interested people are recommended first to read the list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ).

World Pairs 45 was won by the British partnership of Patrick Barrie & Harley Jones. They defeated American champions Larry Kahn & Dave Lockwood by 25-24.
The York Open was won by Phillip Buckham-Bonnett.
The London Open will be on 7 September.

Obituary Notice
ETwA is saddened to report the recent death of Cyril Edwards at the age of 70 after a period of illness. Cyril played winks for Oxford University and served on the ETwA committee in the early 1970s. His articles certainly livened up Winking World. I think he was part of the England team that was victorious against an American team at that time (though I will have to check) - with England's comeback in the match attributed to an indulgence in lunch-time beer. Cyril played in tournaments regularly until about 1995, and occasionally thereafter - his last tournament was in 2005. Among other achievements, he taught my wife Christine how to drink whisky. He was undoubtedly the best scholar in medieval German to have played tiddlywinks, and will be missed by all who knew him.

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