• The adult version of the game of tiddlywinks started in January 1955.
  • The English Tiddlywinks Association (ETwA) was set up in 1958.
  • ETwA's objectives are to promote the game and coordinate winking activities in England and the rest of the United Kingdom.
  • To this end, ETwA:
    • maintains the official rules of tiddlywinks
    • arranges tiddlywinks tournaments
    • publishes the journal Winking World
    • keeps winks players in touch with what's going on

Interested people are recommended first to read the list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ).

🆕 There seems to have been a qwxcl involving the ETwA mailing list (not our fault), and some addresses have dropped off. We are attempting to recover it, but if you believe you should be on the ETwA list but did not receive an email about dates for the Pairs and summer tournaments dated 12 May 2022, please contact us.

🆕 The ETwA Teams of Four will be held in St Peter's Rooms, Ely on Saturday 20th of August, from 10am-for-a-10:30 squidge-off.

🆕 The London Open will be held in The Magdala Tavern in London from 10:30am on Sunday 4th of September.

🆕 The ETwA National Pairs will be held in Downing College, Cambridge on the weekend of 29th-30th of October.

Players are invited to subscribe to the ETwA mailing list: simply send an email asking to subscribe to info

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