Tiddlywinks Equipment

Please note: ETwA has recently changed treasurer and bank, which have caused even more disruption than the Royal Mail. While back orders are being progressed, we are not in a position to sell equipment in a reliable fashion. We hope this will be resolved soon; please bear with us. The pricing below is therefore currently for information only, and may be subject to change, especially in light of the recent economic climate. Tournaments, however, continue — please still attend if you are interested!

ETwA has a range of officially approved tiddlywinks equipment for sale.
  • Winks. Our tournament standard winks come from Italy. Cheap moulded counters are not sufficient quality for tournaments.
  • Squidgers. These are discs between one inch and two inches diameter (subject to a thickness limit and that they must not damage winks when used). ETwA has some "blank" plastic squidgers for sale. Experienced players are likely to file down blank squidgers to obtain a sharper edge (giving more control on some tiddlywinks shots).
  • Pots. ETwA can supply the pots that are used in tournaments. The pots are concave-sided cups that are 38 mm high with an outer diameter of 50 mm at the top and 35 mm at the base. Beginners may be happy to start off by using an old-fashioned egg-cup of roughly the correct dimensions.
  • Mats. The playing surface measures six foot by three foot and is made out of a natural or synthetic felt material. The mat provides a surface of the right "bounciness" that is regular and (usually) long-lasting. Beginners may get by initially by playing on non-pile carpets, or the back of a heavy duty heat-resistant table protector.

Contact Tim Hunt, the treasurer of ETwA, via e-mail to "info" at domain name "@etwa.org" for further information.

Please note: Visitors from the US will likely be better served by getting in touch with NATwA.

The following gives ETwA's current prices:

  • Full set (pot, winks, 4 blank squidgers): £5.50
  • Winks only: £1.00
  • Pot only: £4.50
  • Small squidgers: £0.10 each
  • Soft 2" blank squidgers: £0.20 each
  • Hard 1.5" blank squidgers: £0.50 each

  • Synthetic felt mats: £14 each. These are somewhat inconsistent when brand new - it is recommended that players rub their hand over the surface for a few minutes after which they play fairly well.
    Postage for mats costs £9.00 for delivery in the UK.

  • Tournament quality mats: these are made of natural felt rather than synthetic material. Do not rub your hand over the playing surface as it may fluff up. A suitable tournament-grade material is available from
    British Felt - click this link. In May 2022 the cost of a mat from this source was (gulp) £76.62.

Annual membership of ETwA costs:

  • £10 per year for people with a job
  • £5 per year for unwaged people, or for students who are rejoining
  • £3 per year for new student members
Members pay reduced entry fees for tournaments, receive printed copies of the official magazine Winking World, and get the privilege of voting on rules changes to the game.

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