The Marchant Trophy 2016-17

This year's trophy will be running on the same lines as previously. Marchant trophy games are traditionally included in the tiddlywinks ratings.

Entrants (so far):

Please notify the organiser (see Rule 4 below) if you want to enter a team.

Match scores (so far):

Current points table:

                       pl.  pts.
1. Nameless Team        0     0

Marchant Trophy Rules

Rule 1.
(a) For the purpose of this tournament, each entry will be regarded as made by a separate group of players who should adopt a team name for the purpose. Thus a club may enter several teams, but each team will be seen as a separate entity.
(b) Teams may enter at any stage before the close of the competition. Entries should be sent to the organiser giving a contact address and a nominated Captain who will be responsible for contacting other teams to arrange matches and communicating with the organiser.
(c) The Captain need not be a team member- this allows a single person to coordinate the activities of all teams from a single club, for example.
(d) A team may apply to the organiser for a dissolution in the event that some of its players find that they are unable to continue playing. Players from dissolved teams may transfer to other teams for the rest of the tournament.
(e) Except according to rule 1(d) or rule 2(b), a player may not be a member of more than one team.

Rule 2.
(a) Teams should normally field two pairs (four players) for each match. Each pair will play one game against each opposing pair. Larger team matches may be played by mutual agreement of the two competing teams.
(b) Each team are permitted to use one non-team player in a match. To prevent unfair use being made of mercenaries, the intention to use such a player should be communicated in advance to the opposing Captain who may raise an objection. In this case, a team of three may be played with no penalty except that the opponents may designate one player who will not be permitted to play singles.
(c) Once a player has made one guest appearance he/she may thereafter only represent their original team (except in the case of rule 1(d)).
(d) In the event that only three players are available other than the scenario described in rule 2(b), then one player may play singles, but will only be awarded half the number of points he/she obtains.

Rule 3.
(a) The competition will run from 1st July 2016 to 30th June 2017 (though it used to be on an academic year basis). Each team should, if possible, play one match against each opposing team. The matches may be played in any order. No more than one match should be played between any two teams. Matches should be distinct and not part of another rated tournament. The scoresheet of each match should be sent to the organiser and will be counted only if received by 30th June 2017. Please also send a scoresheet to the ratings maintainer.
(b) At the end of the competition the organiser may discount all scores involving teams which have played an insufficient number of matches. This is to prevent unfair advantage accruing to a team by virtue of a result against a weak team who played very few other matches (and may have been formed for this purpose!). Teams will be notified if games they have played seem to be in danger of falling into this category.
(c) A team's score for the competition will be the total number of points scored in all matches played by the team, not the number of matches won. Scorelines in any matches played involving more than 2 pairs per team, as permitted by rule 2(a), will be scaled so that the total points awarded in a single match will be 28. At the end of the competition, the team with the most points will be declared champions.

Rule 4.
The organiser for the 2016-17 season is Andrew Garrard (etwa at

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