The History of Tiddlywinks: 1954-1958

The adult game of tiddlywinks can be traced to the birth of the Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club in 1955. From that point on, there has always been a group of people who played the sport seriously. I advise reading the history section of the FAQ about tiddlywinks (if you haven't already read it).

There is some evidence of tiddlywinks activity in Cambridge in 1944-5, before the foundation of the modern club. Stew Sage's report on this, published in Winking World 71, is available.

Two booklets, based largely on the original minutes of CUTwC, were written by Guy Consterdine covering the birth of the modern game of tiddlywinks. These are:

On the Mat

The Origins of Modern Tiddlywinks, 1954-1957.
(Including the founding of C.U.Tw.C. on January 16th 1955.)
by Guy Consterdine, Chairman, English Tiddlywinks Association 1965-1967.

1st edition: March 1967
Retyped by Patrick Barrie: 1993

Winks Rampant

The Development of Modern Tiddlywinks, 1957-1958.
(Including the Goons Match of March 1st 1958.)
by Guy Consterdine, Honorary Vice-President, English Tiddlywinks Association.

1st edition: October 1972
Retyped by Patrick Barrie: 1993

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